50 year wedding anniversary gifts September 2023

50 year wedding anniversary
Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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A milestone, 50 years married and this may be celebrated by a big party to organize. Of course there should be nice gifts, but what is nice to give? A 50 years married gift must be original. Whether this is for your parents or your grandparents, don’t miss the mark. In this blog 50 year anniversary gift ideas are listed.

50 year wedding anniversary gift woman - going out

A nice gift for your wife can be a nice giftcard to go out together. A wellness, hotel or spa. Women like everything and certainly if it is together with the partner.

Original gift 50 year wedding anniversary woman - personalized indulgence.

One of the other 50 year wedding anniversary gift ideas is a personalized gift. Think of a photo frame with memories made during these 50 beautiful years. Anything goes and you can put your own spin on it.

Grandpa and Grandma 50 Years married Gift - Clothes

A gift for your grandparents. It’s hard for your partner. But also grandpa and grandma have to buy something for each other on such a beautiful day. What can you make a man happy? A nice shirt is always in good taste, just know what colour he likes before grandpa turns pink.

Engraved gifts are amazing

Just like their wedding rings 50 years ago, having another product engraved is a nice reference to the marriage. Think about some decoration for their home, they will appreciate it.

Boardgame for 50 year wedding anniversary

An original anniversary gift can also be a simple game. You could organise a game night where you and your partner and children get together to play cards. A card or board game is the perfect gift for this.

Perfume for grandparents 50 years married gift

A nice and delicious gift for grandpa and grandma is of course a nice perfume. Women but also men love to smell good, here you do not miss the mark. Maybe not the most original gift but it is a great gift.


Do you think your partner should go into the kitchen? A cookbook doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, but this one is very original. Check out the best cookbooks here.

Hotelnight for the couple

A night or two at a hotel is something everyone can appreciate, especially in case it’s for a romantic reason. You can think about a special place that brings up some good memories for the couple, for example where they lived, or got married!

Mirror mirror on the wall

Women love to beautify themselves. A gift for your wife is therefore also a gift card for a shop where your wife can buy delicious beauty products.


An original gift can also be a sports item, is your father or partner sporty? Then you know for sure that you are right with new sports shoes!

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