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Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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Looking for a gift for your dad? Be creative and original. Your father’s birthday is something special, but choosing a gift can be a tough job for many people, so we’ve made a list of original gifts for your dad.


A nice father gift can be perfume. Original it may not be, but most men don’t say no to this. Even better, it makes you smell even better!


Another great idea could be a drink package. A cozy evening with your wife is obviously very cozy and of course an alcoholic drink should be part of it. If the kids are allowed to drink along you can make this a nice father son and mother daughter moment and kill two birds with one stone! A gift for your father and also a father-son gift.

Father daughter gift - personal gift

A father daughter relationship is something to be cherished. It is something special. A special relationship also needs a special gift. A personalized gift is very original, such as a photo together or a personalized piece of jewelry.

Father son gift - all in!

Games, most people like this very much. The more people join in, the more fun the game becomes. Therefore, give a nice poker set to your father, so he can play a nice game of poker with his friends. In combination with the earlier mentioned drink package this is a delicious combi and maybe you can join in too.

Gift father - suit

Tight suit, especially for a special occasion is a great outfit to pull out of the closet. But what if there is nothing in the closet? Don’t hesitate and give a nice shirt and suit to your father.

Weekend away

A great idea for the whole family could be a fun weekend away. This is always appreciated when giving a gift. The ideal gift to enjoy together with your family. A father son gift and a wonderful father daughter moment.

Stay fit

Working out together. This is obviously very fun and also very healthy. Therefore it is a nice idea to buy sports equipment for your father. Think of a tennis racket for a nice game of tennis, or running shoes for a nice run.


Keeping up with the times. A smartwatch is a super fun and original idea to give as a gift to your dad. This is good to use during sports and therefore a super handy tool.

Kitchen prince

Men are more and more often in the kitchen. They cook for the children when the partner comes home after a long day at work. For this, of course, you need the best kitchen products. So do not hesitate and give away kitchen utensils!

Choose something yourself

A giftcard is always good. If you really do not know, a giftcard is the ideal solution. Let your father choose something he likes with a gift card from a store or online shop.

Is it your partner’s father’s birthday and you haven’t got a clue what to buy as a present? Then read the best tips and ideas for a gift for your father-in-law here. Looking for a gift for your mother? Check out this list!

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