Regalo di anniversario di matrimonio per i genitori: Cosa regalare a mamma e papà per 2024?

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary? Are you looking for an idea that can solve any doubts? Let’s look at some of the most interesting ideas together, some tips to find out what your parents might like.


Choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift for parents is not so simple, but just think about the interests that the two members of the couple have in common. Is there anything your parents love to do together? If the answer is yes, you might consider giving him something related to this very topic.

Regardless of the beauty of the gift, they will surely appreciate it. In these cases it’s the thought that counts. 

Wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents

Below, we have collected some parenting wedding anniversary gift ideas. Looking at the list, you can choose your favorite, or let yourself be inspired and customize the idea according to your tastes.

  • Gifts for the home
    To celebrate the wedding anniversary, you could give your parents something to decorate the apartment with. From sheet sets to essence diffusers, there are tons of gifts you can choose. To choose the best option, just think about what is already in the house and what is still missing.
  • Family photo
    A gift that parents always appreciate is that of photographs. Family photos are perfect for remembering happy moments, and for conveying a strong emotion to those who receive them.
  • Gifts for the garden
    Among the different gifts for parents’ wedding anniversary, I couldn’t miss something for the garden. The terrace is a very important part of daily life, a safe place in which to share love and thoughts.
  • A couple’s adventure
    We conclude the list with a bold but often very popular idea. Giving a couple’s adventure as a gift means giving an experience that will hardly be forgotten.
    A romantic dinner, a relaxing weekend, a hang-gliding ride, there are so many ideas.

DIY Parents Wedding Anniversary Gift

We end our guide by talking about a potential one-of-a-kind parent wedding anniversary gift: a DIY gift.

If you make the gift directly with your hands, using all your creativity, it will be impossible not to receive appreciation.

Custom paintings and photos are the ideal solution, but also banners and entirely handmade photo albums.

Gifts for the home

Family photo

Gifts for the garden

A couple's adventure

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