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If you are invited to a children’s party or someone in your family is turning 3 soon, you might be wondering what to give them as a gift. That’s because 3 years is kind of an in-between stage between baby and child.

That’s why we tell you here what the best gifts are for both boys and girls at 3 years old. That way, you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to give a 3-year-old boy or a 3-year-old girl.


Although this gift is celebrated by the mother rather than the child, clothing can actually be a great gift idea for both boys and girls.

They will benefit greatly from the clothing, as it can be used for many different occasions, depending on the garment. Moreover, you will find a wide range of brands and models of clothing for boys and girls aged 3, from t-shirts to dresses, outfits, jackets and more.

Gift child 3 years - educational toys

While toys make great gifts, the best option here is educational toys. These toys aim to make playing fun, as the design of the game promotes the child’s development and learning while having fun and being entertained.

Therefore, an educational gift for a 3 year old child can be a great idea because it is not only fun for the children, but also provides many benefits. Even for parents, it is a great option because they will see how educational toys make their children more alert and intelligent.

Gift child 3 years - a personalized gift

Although it may sound strange, an original gift child 3 years old can be a good option to give the birthday boy or girl something fun and original. In this category we can add personalized gifts, such as a decorative photo or a photo with the letters of the child’s name personalized.

Let your creativity run wild and look for gifts that can not only be personalized, but can also add a happy and fun touch to your little one. A personalized doll can be another great gift idea for a 3 year old girl, you can even make one with her hair, her favorite color, etc.

A trolley

Prams in which kids use their feet to propel themselves can be a perfect gift for little ones. That’s because such carts are very rare, but when kids get them, it’s like a bomb!

Moreover, this type of stroller offers a great advantage, they allow the child to move around, which will help him develop and stay healthy. And if that’s not enough, strollers help improve their motor skills and coordination.


The last of the gifts for 3-year-old girls that we recommend you consider are soft toys, as they are among the most sought-after toys for young children. Hugs are fluffy, cuddly and fun, making every child want them to be their best friend.

Luckily, for those who need to give a gift, there are many soft toys available in the market today in all sizes, shapes, designs, colors and so on. If your budget is not the biggest, you can also find soft toys at affordable prices.

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