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Looking for nice gifts for the teacher? This blog will help you find a fun and original gift for your teacher at primary or secondary school. Looking for a gift is a difficult task, let alone picking a gift for someone you don’t know very well. The 10 best ideas for the teacher are listed in this blog.

Gifts teacher - Bunch of keys

A fun and useful gift for the teacher can be a bunch of keys. Teachers always have a lot of keys to hand for all sorts of cupboards and doors in the classroom. A nice bunch of keys will therefore always come in handy.


Another fun idea could be pens. A teacher writes all day long and checks everything from homework to tests. How annoying would it be if your teacher ended up with an empty pen. So don’t miss the boat and buy pens for your teacher.


Teachers often explain something to the class by means of a whiteboard, the teacher can easily show things on it. But imagine the teacher is left with empty markers. Don’t hesitate and buy some useful pens.


A nice teacher gift can also be a nice piece of jewelry. This does not have to be expensive, a nice gesture of the class for the teacher will always be well received 🙂

Reading fun

Another original and fun gift can be a nice book. There are often times when even the teacher takes her well-deserved break. She can use this break to relax and read a nice book.


A nice picnic, you can give this as a present too! Put together a package with some food and a delicious wine and give this to the teacher as a gift, this will be 100% appreciated by the teacher.


It may not be the most original gift you can think of, but it is a lot of fun. A flower is always good and especially if it is a beautiful bunch. Super nice decoration for at home but can also be placed in the classroom so everyone can see what the teacher has received from the students.

Personal gift

A personal gift is always appreciated. A fun and original idea for a nice gift is to take a photo of the class and the teacher and give this photo as a present in a nice format so that the teacher always thinks of the nice class she taught 🙂

Everything in one folder!

As a teacher you have to store a lot of documents and reports. This can sometimes become very confusing and that is why giving a folder as a present can be the ideal gift for your teacher!

Pencil case

Your teacher probably uses all kinds of pens and markers. Of course this needs to be stored well. The perfect gift is a nice pencil case to make sure your teacher never loses her pens!

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