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Written by Erik

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Giving him a gift? It’s all about considering what will bring a smile to his face. How well do you know him and what are his biggest hobbies?

Some men already have everything. Or they don’t like the idea of a new gift. That’s why it can be difficult to buy him a gift. So here’s some inspiration.

  • Do you have a shared memory? Maybe you can do something with that.
  • Does he like a particular movie, comedy or cabaret performer? Take him to a great show!
  • Introduce a sports fanatic to a new sport or a lesson from a superstar. If that’s not enough to get him started, scroll through our top 10 gifts for him. Each week we update the list with new gifts.

The topics for these gifts came from research conducted by Giftomatic, which surveyed 241 people about what they like to receive as gifts.


In our study, 56% of men said that electronics make them happy. A nice gadget, Bluetooth speaker or headphones fall into this category.


Men don’t just like electronics, they like underwear too. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but 52% of men surveyed are happy to receive a new pair of boxers or socks.


The handbag remains a popular gift. 49% of men are satisfied with a nice bag.


For 29% of men a perfume is a good idea. Take a look at the most popular men’s perfumes of the moment, there could be a great gift for him!


One man is a reader, the other does not think about it at all. In our research, 25% of men said they were satisfied with a book. Our advice: buy a book only if you are sure that it is right for him.


It is estimated that 70% of men play sports. Sport accessories make most men happy.


38% of men surveyed love to play games and find this a great gift idea. Take a chance: there are many fun board and dice games for sale in every price category.


Cooking is no longer just for women…. Only 31% of men appreciate a gift for the kitchen. A set of knives and something for the barbecue in particular are frequently mentioned.


Even a gadget is part of electronics. Remember? 56% of men find it a great gift. So here are some interesting gadgets, perhaps a fun gift for the father.

Beer glass

Beer? Of course he likes it. And a beer this special is best drunk in a proper glass. You don’t drink your beer warm, do you?

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