Gift 2 years birthday toddler – Top 10 in November 2023.

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Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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Gift for a two year old. Very nice but sometimes also very difficult, because what do you give a two year old child. It makes it easier if you have children of your own. When you have your own children you often know what will be appreciated and what not. But when you have no children or have a child of the opposite sex, it can sometimes be difficult. Do you give them Lego, or do you give them a book? Or no, they can’t read yet, can they?


All these questions can be on your mind when you are standing in front of a toy store or searching the internet for the perfect gift for a two year old.


Luckily this article will help you to know what to give and what not to give to a two year old.

Top 10 birthday gifts

Below is a top 10 birthday gifts for a two year old child. These gifts range widely from boy, girl to a child who likes to play outside or a child who prefers to have fun inside.


Remember that in most cases it is always good what you give as a present for a two year old. As long as it is age appropriate you can do little wrong.

Gift for a child of 2 years - dolls

The perfect gift to make every two-year-old girl happy. Dolls, to be found in all shapes and sizes. There are also many different themed dolls to suit every child. Is she crazy about a certain character from a movie or a character from youtube? Then the choice is easily made a doll of that character.

Perfect gift boy - toy cars

What can boys big or small always have fun with? Cars it seems like it’s always ingrained. For two year olds it will be a toy car. But at a later age it goes on to driving cars. With a toy car you are always good.

Children's books

With this gift you will be in the taste of every child. What is more fun than a read aloud book for your birthday? At bedtime a story from the new book you got for your birthday. There are also nice educational books that both child and parent are happy with.

Two year anniversary present - a scooter

What is more fun to get a scooter for your birthday. Especially at an age where children of two are developing in all areas. Besides a balance bike mentioned below, a scooter can not be missed. Going shopping with mom and dad on a scooter is something every child will be happy about, better than walking!

A Learner bike

Walking is something most two year olds can do for a while. But cycling is still a tough job. The combination of walking and cycling makes a balance bike, which is great for this age. Kids can move around easily and also learn something about cycling. By means of a handlebar they really have to steer in the direction they want to go.

Also fun! - Puzzles

A puzzle can be for a boy and for a girl. Puzzles are also available in different levels. That way you can directly look at the level of a two year old. It is also a way to make something educational out of it, which means two things in one go.


Everyone at this age likes to dress up. Dressing up as a superhero or princess with their friends. Entire afternoons of dressing up and playing together.

Old but gold - sidewalk chalk

This gift you might recognize yourself hours of playing outside, making drawings on the tiles and playing games with it. Sidewalk chalk, it has been around for a long time but remains a good gift. Here you also do the parents a favor, children will enjoy playing outside when the weather is nice.

Good gift toddler - clay

For indoor activities, a birthday toddler always likes clay. Toddler clay in different colours and different attributes.

Original gift child 2 years

What is more fun to give something original to a child of 2 years. This may be something homemade such as a puzzle with a photo. Something for his or her room. Arriving with a personalized card or cake is always good in taste.

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