Gifts for nurses – what to give nurses?

Regalos para enfermeras
Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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The life of a nurse is not easy, spending a lot of time on their feet, running around and working long hours to help save lives. They are heroes! That’s why more and more patients are bringing them thank you gifts for nurses.

If you want to thank all the work and effort of that nurse who took care of you when you were sick and contributed to your recovery, you’re in the right place! Here we will tell you what are the best original gifts for nurses that, without a doubt, they will love from beginning to end.

Thank you gifts for nurses idea 1: A Shoe

One of the things nurses suffer the most with is their feet because they spend so much time on their feet or walking. Therefore, one of the most surprising original gifts for nurses can be a pair of good shoes or comfortable shoes.

Here there are two options, the first one is to give her a pair of shoes for her work, that is, nursing shoes. Another option is to gift her a pair of shoes to use outside the hospital or medical facility. These shoes should not only be comfortable, as her feet will already be tired, they should also be nice.

Original gifts for nurses idea 2: Clipboard

Another good choice of thank you gifts for nurses is a clipboard. This is because clipboards can help nurses do their job perfectly by carrying their lists, reports and documents with them without getting mistreated or lost.

Moreover, we can find custom clipboards options with different colors, designs, themes and motifs. If we want to give it more joy, we can add your name on a vinyl sticker or draw it on it. This way you will have a nice clipboard and also, with the nurse’s favorite colors.

Gifts for nurses idea 3: Jewellery

Another good choice of thank you gifts for nurses is jewelry, but not just any jewelry, but jewelry that has a nurse theme. This type of jewelry is distinguished by being made with themes related to doctors, for example, in the form of a pill, in the form of stethoscopes or in the form of a medical symbol.

You can find many types of nurse themed jewelry, as there are too many options; necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Of course, we recommend that you look for materials that are resistant and friendly as it can be gold, silver or stainless steel.

regalos originales para enfermeras

Thank you gifts for nurses idea 4: Medical Uniforms

While many clinics and hospitals give uniforms to their staff, some don’t, forcing nurses to wear worn out uniforms. So one of the best original gifts for nurses can be to give a medical uniform to the nurse you want to thank.

Nowadays we can find a lot of nurse uniforms in all sizes and colors. You can even give your favorite nurse an ergonomic uniform that is comfortable, flexible and easily washable. This way she can have more uniforms for her daily work.

Gifts for nurses idea 5: A bag or suitcase

Many nurses need a bag or a suitcase to carry all their things to work. That is why one of the original gifts for nurses that we can give them is a bag or a suitcase.

This type of thank you gift for nurses is not only nice, but it is also very functional, as they will be able to use this gift for day to day life or to go on a trip. While it might seem expensive, in reality these gifts are not that expensive, you can buy a personalized blanket bag with some design or the nurse’s name on it. These bags are inexpensive and very cute, so she will definitely love it.

regalos de agradecimiento para enfermeras

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