Cheap baby shower gift? Top 10 fun ideas for a baby shower!

Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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Looking for a cheap baby shower gift? Of course you want to buy the best present for the baby of the mother to be. This remains a difficult task for many people, some like to choose a gift and others find it quite a challenge. Especially if it is a big party. Read the top 10 tips for a cheap baby shower gift, but still fun and creative.

Baby shower gift mum - pamper package

A nice gift for the parents-to-be can be a nice pamper package. Before the baby is born, the parents still have some time to rest. Before their nights are disturbed, they can enjoy a lovely pamper package.

Also nice for the mother-to-be - gift voucher

Another great idea for picking an original baby shower gift is to give a gift certificate. Every woman loves to be pampered, a weekend away with her partner or a relaxing wellness session with friends can be an original baby shower gift.

Not to forget for the expectant mother - survival kit

Slippers? Charger? The moment of giving birth is getting closer and closer, and the baby shower is just around the corner. In a survival kit you give the mother-to-be all the handy things to make the delivery a little easier. For example, put her favourite chocolate, toiletries or a book in it and your survival kit is ready.

Baby shower gift girl - stuffed animals

When the baby is born, the cutest cuddly toys are an original and inexpensive baby shower gift. Newborn babies love it when they hold a soft cuddly toy in their hands. The colour of the soft toy can be matched with the colour of the nursery to make it even more personal and you have the perfect babyshower gift.

Baby shower gift girl - baby clothes

Clothing, the cutest thing a newborn baby can wear. A matching baby outfit is all the rage and is the perfect gift for a girl to give at the baby shower.

Baby shower gift girl - book

Who doesn’t want to be read to? The perfect gift for the phase after birth when you are woken up during the night. Read aloud books are your best friend to put the little one back to sleep. And now you again.

Sleep baby sleep

Newborn babies sleep very often, especially boys can fall asleep at any moment. You want to be prepared for this and a sleeping bag is an original and inexpensive baby shower gift!

A bit of everything? With the accessory box you'll be fine!

Babies need to be entertained and in a few weeks he will demand all the attention he can get. An accessory box can contain anything from toys to books and will keep him entertained all day long, making it the ideal inexpensive baby shower gift.

Baby shower gift father - apron

Dads have to deal with it too. Making food and changing diapers, it’s all part of fatherhood, but you don’t want your brand new polo shirt to get dirty because of your drooling little man. An apron may not be entirely original, but it is fun.

Veilige ritjes met de vader? Een autostoel is het beste cadeau

Out and about with the little one, that’s a job for the fathers. Going to the playground together or visiting family, it’s all part of the fun and a car seat for the little one is the ideal baby shower gift.

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