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Written by <strong>Erik</strong>
Written by Erik

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Looking for a gift idea for your mom’s birthday? This article will answer all the questions you may have. Are you looking for a special gift for your mother’s birthday but you still find this a difficult task? Read here the top 10 gifts for your mom’s birthday.

Gift birthday mom - perfume

A nice birthday gift for your mom can be a lovely perfume. Most women love to smell delicious. Surprise your mother with the latest perfume and be sure that you do not miss the mark.


Do you think your mom watches Netflix on the couch too often? Giving sports items will change that! Make your mom happy with a new sports shirt or running shoes so your mom can enjoy sports, and maybe you can join in too.

Gift mother birthday - Reading

Does your mother love to read? The perfect gift for this are fun books, think of books that have been made into movies. These books are usually received with open arms and this way you also ensure that your mother does not have to watch the movie:)

Mirror mirror on the wall

For most women, beauty is a high priority. The perfect idea for birthday mom can be a beauty package or new nail polish, be creative and your mom will surely love it.


Going out on the town together as a family on a nice day at the weekend, but where do you leave the things you take with you? A fun and simple gift for your mom’s birthday could be a nice bag for your mom to keep her things in when you go out together.

Nice wine

Does your mother like a nice glass of wine, do not hesitate and find a nice wine that your mother can drink with her friends on a lovely evening. A simple gift, but delicious!


Jewelry a little on the expensive side? Get creative! There are plenty of cheaper bracelets or necklaces you can give your mom for her birthday. A personalized piece of jewelry.

Weekend away

A wonderful weekend away to a hotel or spa, great to relax after weeks of hard work. Do not hesitate and give a nice weekend away to your mother.

Gift mother birthday - decoration

From new lamp to new doormat. Home decoration to give the house a nice makeover. Do not miss the plank and give nice home decoration as a gift for the birthday of your mother.


A nice photo of yourself with your mother or the whole family? Have the photo enlarged and give a nice and original present for your mother’s birthday!

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