18th birthday gifts – How to surprise an 18 year old?! Top list for 2024

18th birthday gifts

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Turning 18 is a milestone in everyone’s life! This is the day when your child, friend or family member becomes an adult (yes, time goes way too fast), and therefore should be celebrated properly. But how do you make their 18th birthday unforgettable? That’s where this article will come in handy! We handpicked the 10 best categories which will be the best 18th birthday gifts for him or her.

18th birthday gifts from parents

Looking for the perfect 18th birthday gift for your child? Our article has got you covered. From sentimental keepsakes to practical presents, we’ve rounded up the best gifts that your child will treasure for years to come. If there’s nothing matching with the interests of your child, you can always give her a Lifestyle voucher. This gift card can be spend in a wide variety of shops. Click here for the full list of Lifestyle voucher shops

18th birthday gifts – perfume

Perfume is one of the most popular birthday gifts and everyone loves to receive it. There are endless options of amazing smells, from very fruity perfumes (perfect for spring and summer!) to very nice woody perfumes. Take a look at some options here.

Gifts for 18th birthday which are sentimental – photos

Photos are the most sentimental thing. Looking back at old memories is valuable for everyone. That’s why gifting them photos will be a great idea as 18th birthday gifts. We selected some nice photo frames which will be amazing to put photos in.

Good 18th birthday presents – cutlery

Turning 18 also means in many cases that they start to move out from their parents’ place. A lot of new opportunities are happening for them: going to college or finding a job out of state. When they are planning to do that, they also need to get cutlery to make sure they settle well.

18th birthday gifts – jewelry

For a special occasion you should give a special gift. Therefore, jewelry is an amazing idea to gift. Nothing is more special than a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Just think of what will fit the best for him or her.

When they turn 18, birthday gift ideas – Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers always come in handy. For example, 18-year-olds love hanging out with friends, and some nice music on the background will make that even better.

18th birthday gifts – camera

A lot of opportunities will open when they turn 18. Some of those might be travelling. And in that case gifting a camera is a great idea! Are they not into travelling? Don’t worry! A camera will always give them the opportunity to make great memories. And nowadays there are many kinds of cameras, from digital – to polaroid cameras. Check some out here!

18th birthday gifts – Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses, because (without any doubt) you will always find a moment to use them. We found some nice pairs down here.

When she turns 18, birthday gifts ideas – clutch

When she turns 18, a bigger step comes towards becoming a woman. And nothing is more amazing than gifting her the most beautiful clutch. We found some nice clutches down here.

When he turns 18, birthday gift ideas – gaming items

Who says that gaming is only for teenagers? We can tell you that when he turns 18, he still loves to play videogames frequently. Therefore, gaming items are great 18th birthday gifts. Give him a gaming mouse, headset or something else to make sure that his gaming experience will improve.

18th birthday gifts – Fashion items

A fashion item is a great gift for a 18-year old! This is because fashion is a way to express oneself and showcase personal style. It can be a way to feel confident and put together, especially during a time of transition such as going to college or starting a new job. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have made fashion more accessible and visible than ever before, with influencers and celebrities showcasing their outfits online. Here are our top-picks.

Decoration & Snacks

Something which can’t be missed while celebrating his or her 18th birthday is a birthday cake. Find some of the most creative (and delicious!) options here.

When it comes to decorating for an 18th birthday, go all out with balloons, streamers, and personalized banners. As for snacks, consider a mix of sweet and savory options, such as a dessert table with a cake, cupcakes, and candy, as well as chips, dips, and finger sandwiches. Don’t forget to include some non-alcoholic beverages for the under-21 guests. Click here if you are looking for nice party snack ideas for the birthday party.

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