25 wedding anniversary gift – What to buy for silver wedding

25 year wedding anniversary

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Looking for a 25th wedding anniversary gift for your parents, partner, friends or in-laws? Then let this blog article inspire you with the top 10 most popular gifts for couples celebrating 25 years of marriage.

25 year anniversary gift

For such a special anniversary, you naturally want to buy a special gift. Most people spend between 40-50 euros for a gift for a 25th wedding anniversary, but if you are very close to the couple, you can of course go a bit bigger. You can make it as crazy as you want. The nice thing about the 25 year wedding anniversary is that the couple is probably still young and fit enough to make something really nice out of it, whereas that is not always the case with 40 or 50 years of marriage.

Provide a personal touch, which you can do by:

  • A nice speech
  • A beautiful poem
  • A hilarious song
  • A sweet text
  • A very personal gift

How to find a personal gift

There are several ways to buy a truly personal gift 25 years married. The most important thing is that you have a nice story to go with it. Think about the biggest hobbies (or also funny, the biggest annoyances), special memories you have with the couple or something they have never done before but suits them.

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What to buy your parents who have been married for 25 years?

A gift for parents who have been married for 25 years is actually not difficult at all. The most important thing for parents is that their children show love, are happy and proud of their parents.


A poem with, for example, 25 reasons why the parents are so great and fit together so well will be appreciated many times more than a luxury product. The most fun is of course to combine it, but keep in mind that the personal message will get the most praise.


You can always find more ideas in the article about 50 years wedding anniversary gifts.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - Words!

Using spells, nice words or sayings is something lasting. And very personal! How nice is it if you come up with a good text that really suits the couple. You can also search spells on google and use them in your design.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - Perfume

Perfume is a personal thing, but your partner will always love to get your favorite scent. Especially if it is the same fragrance he/she was wearing at the wedding.

Gift 25 years wedding anniversary for parents

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Did you know that chocolate in the shape of a heart is even better? Just kidding of course, but the experience of eating it is better because it symbolizes something wonderful.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - Wineglasses

For all wine lovers a very luxurious and special wine glass is a really cool gift. From that moment on, it feels exclusive every time you drink wine together out of an expensive glass. The wine tastes better and the glasses are a reason to talk about the good things in the marriage.

Have something engraved

Having something engraved gives something charming and romantic. Just like the wedding rings engraved 25 years ago, having another product engraved is a nice reference to the marriage.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - Boardgame

They have been spending time together for years, but who is the smartest, fastest or cleverest with games? There’s bound to be a game that suits them extremely well.

25 years wedding anniversary gift friends - experience

Finding a gift 25 years married friends is quite difficult. Most people spend around 50 euros for this. But what do you buy them? You can really go either way. Experiences are popular.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - custom print

There are so many beautiful photos! Of the couple, of the wedding and of their lives, maybe even including you as a gift giver. It’s a shame not to do something with them. Whether it’s the main gift for the couple or a side gift, getting a product with a great photo printed is a great 25th wedding anniversary gift.

25 years wedding anniversary gift - Hotel

A night or two at a hotel is something everyone can appreciate. Especially if there is thought about the place. For example where the couple has lived for a long time in the past, or just got married! Pick a nice hotel and it is guaranteed to please.


Of course roses cannot be missing from this list! Pick something beautiful and have it delivered. Roses are the flowers of love and brighten up the anniversary enormously!

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