What are the best gifts for 10-year-olds?

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Yes, kids can be a real challenge when it comes to deciding what to buy for them. This is because kids these days are closer to technology, so choosing toys isn’t always such a good idea.

That’s why we’ve taken on the task here of looking for the best gifts for kids aged 10 to 12 to put together our own TOP 5 of the best options. So all you have to do is read this list and choose the option that suits you best. If you are looking for a gift for a 10 year old girl, check out this article.


As kids develop, many of them have found their best friends in digital games, video games and technology, which is why many choose to give something related to the digital world.

That’s why video games are one of the most popular gifts for 10-12 year olds. And no, you don’t have to give a console, but you can give a download code for a video game, a digital game or points and credits.

Homemade toys

Another good option if you don’t know what to give a 10 year old child are the assembleable games like the famous Playmobil or Lego. This is because these toys are very attractive because they are so entertaining for 10 year olds.

Similarly, this type of toy is very good for encouraging children to develop their imagination as well as certain skills that will help them in their development. Another great advantage of choosing this type of gift is the large amount of options that we can find in the market.

Interactive games

Under interactive games we can classify all those dynamic toys that make the fun a lot bigger. For example, gadgets with darts are a good example because they get kids active and interact with the toy and with other kids.

In addition to foam guns, roller skates, another gift idea for 10-year-olds, are a great way to get kids active. With roller skates, kids have an excuse to go play at the playground or go to the park.

Personalized gifts

Original gifts for kids ages 10 to 12 are an option that is gaining traction, as kids now appreciate it more when something is made just for them. And considering that we live in an overcrowded world, personalized gifts are relevant.

There are many options for personalized gifts for kids. You can have a case made for their phone or tablet, a photo or even a glass with their name on it. You can also personalize a cap, a sweatshirt, or a t-shirt so they have a gift made entirely in their own style.

Kleding of the accessories

Finally, we come to a classic that many children do not like. This is because as children grow up, they will place more importance on being fashionable and will only wear clothes that suit their style and personality. You have plenty of choice here, as more and more brands are offering clothing collections for children between the ages of 10 and 12. If you want to give gifts for 10 year old girls differently then you can shop the girls or boys for them to choose their gift.

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