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Written by Erik

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Women value a well-chosen gift, but how do you find the perfect gift for her? There are so many products out there, yet it can be hard to find a gift that’s both within your budget and guaranteed to make her happy.


To save you hours of shopping, let’s take a step back and think about what makes a good gift:


  • The gift is tailored to her interests
  • A gift with a story always scores
  • Do you share a common interest or passion, find something in that corner!
  • Find a product that’s perfect, but actually slightly under budget? Complement it with flowers, a beautiful candle or a bar of soap

Let yourself be inspired by the top 10 gifts for her of this week. Giftomatic updates this list every week based on the most popular gifts. Looking for something for more active women? Then read this gift about gifts for outdoorsy women.


For the home

No less than 56% of women find home accessories a nice gift. This makes it the most popular gift for her. You can go in many directions with them. A nice candlestick, something for the windowsill or a nice frame.


Something for the kitchen cliché? As many as 44% of women like to receive a gift for the kitchen.


It is and always will be the perfect gift for her: a perfume. Make sure you find out which perfume she likes; perfume is a popular product to pass on as a gift to someone else.


Some women are readers, others prefer to watch TV. In our research 39% of the ladies said they were happy with a book. Our tip; find a book about a subject that connects you.


29% of the surveyed ladies like to play games and find this a nice idea for a gift. So take your chance, there are plenty of fun board and dice games for sale in every price category.


21% of women think a soap, fragrance or nice shampoo is a good present to get. And the most popular brand in that category is of course… Rituals.

Photo cadeau

A personalized gift with photo, is something that 20% of women can definitely appreciate. It depends on the product of course, but the possibilities are endless these days.


Did you know that almost 50% of men think women like to get a purse, but only 28% of women do? Probably because a bag is quite a taste-sensitive product, but if you hit it off, she’s in 7th heaven 🙂 .

So keep the receipt!

Wine glasses

Does she love wine? Then new wine glasses are often in good taste.


Beware!!! 37% of men think women can appreciate lingerie as a gift. But only 6% of women think this is a good idea. Probably because tastes don’t always coincide…

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