Wedding gift for those who already have everything: 5 original ideas

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Weddings always know how to surprise us, especially when it’s time for a gift. What should we aim for? An ambitious and expensive gift, or a simple and sentimental gift?


The truth is, there are no right answers, just dozens of different alternatives.

To help you find the right idea, we have decided to collect 5 original proposals for a wedding gift for those who already have everything.

When the bride and groom already have everything they want, you have to use your imagination and push yourself towards something a little more unusual and special.


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Ready to find out what we have chosen for you?

Original ideas for a wedding gift

So here are our 5 wedding gift ideas for those who already have everything. These are all simple ideas, which are aimed to surprise your friends through fun and lightheartedness.

After all, marriage should be just that: a happy moment to celebrate in the company of the people we love most.

A shared adventure

Love is sharing experiences and creating memories. By giving the young couple an adventure to share – bungee jumping, hang gliding, ballooning, parachute jumping – you will be guaranteed an absolutely shocked reaction.
The gift will be able to surprise and entertain, and create a memory they will remember forever. 

A personalized gift

The perfect wedding gift for those who already have it all is a personalized gift.
It doesn’t have to be too complex, even personalized towels or a set of personalized plates are a great option.
The couple will be surprised because it is a unique gift that no one else can have.

A Trip

Giving a trip as a gift means giving a relaxing and fun experience, and that’s something anyone can enjoy. 

A pet

A gift probably a bit risky, but absolutely effective. Imagine the face of the couple when they find themselves in front of a sweet dog on their wedding day, a guaranteed surprise effect!

A photo shoot

A photo shoot is always a magical experience, especially when made by an experienced and competent photographer.
The couple will be able to take advantage of it to improve the bond, and to have fun together as much as possible and to capture the moment.

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